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Jump Start your Spring Gardening

Sometimes it seemed like the winter of 2013/2014 would never end but believe it or not the days are getting warmer and longer and the official start of spring is just around the corner. Northern growing zones start to come alive in May, and now is a great time to get back out into the […]

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May Gardening Tips

“It is shaping up to be a soggy Victoria Day weekend in Calgary and southern Alberta but that likely won’t stop a legion of hopeful green thumbs from descending on garden centres.” Have you been wondering which plants to plant now and which ones to plant later? How about vegetables? Shrubs? This article from CBC News […]

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10 Great Spring Gardening Tips

In Canada, the May long weekend traditionally marks the unofficial start of summer. It won’t be long before we all start to break out the gardening tools and yards and gardens around Calgary are alive with colour once again. Here are 10 great tips for creating a beautiful and healthy yard this year: If salt […]

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Spring Lawn Care Tips

Winter is hard on lawns. Mounds of snow can compress the grass. Leaves left on the ground over winter can become breeding grounds for fungus and diseases. Burrowing rodents like mice build tunnels through the snow and leave behind little trails where they’ve grazed on grass and roots. Salty de-icers and dog urine can leave […]

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Fruit Trees that Grow Well in Calgary

Spring is finally in the air and days are getting longer and warmer. It’s still way too early to start planting seeds outdoors but it’s never too early to start thinking about what types of trees or shrubs could grace your yard this year. It’s a real treat to eat fresh fruit that you’ve grown […]

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Post-Winter Lawn Care

The snow is melting and grass all over the city is grey and brown. Of course, you want your lawn to look fantastic as soon as spring hits, so here are some great lawn care tips to bring your lawn back to life and keep it looking great.

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How to Remove Salt Stains from Concrete

Springtime is wonderful: the snow is melting, plants are growing… but winter leaves behind it’s mark: a white crust of salt stains on your driveway and sidewalks. Here’s a great tutorial on how to remove those pesky stains without harsh chemicals, ensuring your property will look its best year round.

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Combat Ice the Natural Way

Have you ever used salt based ice removal products and when spring arrived noticed that your sidewalk was chipping and crumbling or your lawn was damaged? Salt is a very effective ice buster but it and some other ice removal products can literally eat your sidewalk and kill your grass. When rock salt melts, it […]

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Protecting Landscaping from Chinooks

Many people in winter bound parts of Canada envy Calgarians for the Chinooks that give them periodic, albeit temporary relief from cold winter weather. However, the sudden warming that occurs during a Chinook can be disastrous for many plants. Is there anything you can do to protect your landscaping from the effects of a Chinook? […]

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